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  • Game: Crystal Saga
  • MMORPG | Genre:Warfare| Status:Final | Pay Type: Free
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Being revived by the goddess of fate, you are supposed to fight again the evils that spread the land, enter this fantastic world, and feel the magic power inside you. No matter you are a passionate knight, brave ranger, holy priest or mystical mage, get ready to write your history in Crystal Saga.


Knight - Knights have no qualms about standing on the first lines to protest their allies. Rogue - Taking advantage of stealth and devastating close range attacks, the rogue's enemies often never knew what hit them. Priest - Priests harness spiritual energies to protest and revitalize their companions. Ranger - Preferring to keep their enemies at a distance, skilled rangers utilize bows and traps to overcome opposition before reaching arm's length. Mage - Mages are able to use their magical abilities to wipe out packs of enemies with little effort.


A MMORPG with various systems, pet, mount, wings, soul, you would find it very fantastic. Pet: Pets could be morphed into supreme pets. Mount: Mounts could be transformed into other kind of mounts. Wings: Keep wings upgraded, they could be your very helpful equipments when you are fighting against evil monsters. Soul: With upgrading soul of your character, you would get more powerful than ever! Easy to win battles!

Background & Features

Crystal Saga not only offers a vast virtual world, but also features a captivating and detailed storyline, which happens in a virtual fantastic world. Players consist of knight, ranger, rogue, priest and mage, plus pets in a large variety, souls, goddess, wings systems, etc. Cute Characters, superb graphics, and beautiful music, players could find these all in the game.

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