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[Yeepgame]Yeepgame Halloween is coming!

October 29,2012 Fliter:Yeepgame


Dear yeepers,

Yeepgame is going to spend his second Halloween with you guys now. We hold a nighgt Halloween party and wish to extend our warmest welcome to invite all the yeepers to join and share.

All you need to do are simply:

Login to Yeepgame, click the "Play now"link

Upload one of your Halloween photos;( 150*200 suggested , jpg, png or gif)
Leave your name next;
Click the Upload button

However, in order to give every yeeper the opportunity to show their uniqueness, you can only upload one photo; the former photo will be replaced if you repeat to upload.

Party time Yeepgame Halloween 2012-10-30 to 2012-11-3

We look forward to your participation! !


Yours always,



as the ss shows, you can drag your pic to anywhere or delete your own.



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