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[POT]The Pride of Taern launches at 6:00PM Sep. 5th (PDT)

September 3,2012 Fliter:The Pride of Taern

All eyes on it! The most anticipated MMORPG “The Pride of Taern” will officially launch at yeepgame! Open time of the 1st server “S1-Sanctuary” is 18:00 Sep. 5th (PDT). Want to have a change to feel the classic round-based MMORPG? You will not be disappointed at it, the unique combat system you have never seen will make this game more interested plus the legendary heroic story; and this game will be the one of “must play” games in 2012. Don’t miss it! S1-Santuary will be the start of your Taern Journey!




is there a game?


its a fake not a game ...

2012 12-15 15:31:48 Reply Quote

do u want to punch all of u


2012 12-05 00:49:43 Reply Quote

do u want to punch all of u

2012 11-26 18:26:56 Reply Quote

how to confirm e-mail for game

and i don't have reflink in Invited

2012 11-23 04:43:44 Reply Quote

how can i play this game/??? i cant log in theres something wrong with this website?????????????????????

2012 09-13 00:38:27 Reply Quote

plz i wana play and i cnt

2012 09-10 22:37:38 Reply Quote

my chara is stuck went to click guild now makes me log out when i log in and i cnt play

2012 09-10 22:37:09 Reply Quote

Yay. :)  

2012 09-07 13:25:38 Reply Quote

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