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[TS]Tamer Saga Sweeps across Yeepgame

November 13,2012 Fliter:Tamer Saga


Dear all,

The extremely popular game Tamer Saga will have its grand opening on Yeepgame soon. The fascinating game scenes and joyful game playing will bring about a completely different game experience ever. Hundreds of pets are available for your summoning. Come join us to begin this magic trip! More play, more fun!

First server of Tamer Saga will be launched at 5:00PM(PST), Nov. 14th, 2012. We are waiting for you!




2012 11-22 01:57:39 Reply Quote

why is it that my facebook account and on yeepgame.com isnt the same ? and i can't find (s1 apocalypse ) server on facebook

2012 11-19 21:27:08 Reply Quote

second server when it come?

2012 11-18 05:03:06 Reply Quote

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