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[CS]Crystal Saga 10.25 Weekday Event

October 25,2012 Fliter:Crystal Saga

[Activity] Trick-or-Treat!

Duration: 10/25 - 11/7 11:59 PM (Server Time)

Server: All Servers


Description: During this event, those of you level 30+ can visit the Quartermaster in Starglade to receive a Happy Halloween Pack. You can only receive the Happy Halloween Pack once. However, all levels may go trick or treating every day to the following NPC to receive Pumpkin Candy x 5 as a treat:

Ÿ   Beastmaster

Ÿ   Guessing Game Referee

Ÿ   General Krahn

Ÿ   Sperion Master

Also, those of you level 30+ can play trick-or-treat on these five vendors in Starglade by trading each of them a Pumpkin in exchange for a Tricky Halloween Pack:

Ÿ   Remmington (Weapons Vendor)

Ÿ   Cudra (Potions Vendor)

Ÿ   Natalia (Armor Vendor)

Ÿ   Nissa (Jewelry Vendor)

Ÿ   Kelandra (Misc. Items Vendor)

Players can get Pumpkins from the Pumpkin Pickin' Activity this week. You can only trick-or-treat once with each person per day. No going back to a person a second time that day for extra treats or tricks, even if you do swap costumes.


Trick-or-Treat! Item Descriptions



Pumpkin Candy – Use this item to randomly receive ONE of the following buffs (lasting for 10 minutes):

Ÿ   Zombie: Movement Speed -30, PATK +500, PDEF +500, Max HP +999

Ÿ   Skeleton: Movement Speed +30, PATK +500, PDEF -500

Ÿ   Vampire: HP Regen Every Second +100, Attack Speed +5%, Casting Speed +5%

Ÿ   Reaper: MP Regen Every Second +100, Movement Speed +50

Note: Buffs will not stack with each other. Please wait for the buff to fade if you wish to apply an additional Pumpkin Candy.


Happy Halloween Pack – Players level 30+ may open this pack to randomly receive ONE of the following items:

Ÿ   Pumpkin Candy x 3

Ÿ   Tricky Halloween Pack x 1

Ÿ   Broom (Mount) x 1

Ÿ   Tricky Halloween Pack - Players level 30+ may open this pack. Be careful when opening!


[Activity] Pumpkin Pickin’

Duration: 10/25 - 11/7 11:59 PM (Server Time)

Server: All Servers

Level: 30+


Description: Receive Pumpkin Seeds by visiting the Quartermaster in Starglade. You may only receive three seeds per day from the Quartermaster. Plant these seeds in the Event Zone, located in Bloodfang Village. It requires 15 minutes to grow. Once finished, collect the Pumpkins, which cannot be traded, and exchange them for a variety of rewards. You will receive 200 Pumpkins per attempt.


Exchange Options:

Ÿ   1 Pumpkin = Tricky Halloween Pack x 1

Ÿ   50 Pumpkins = Halloween Pumpkin Candy Pack x 1

Ÿ   100 Pumpkins = Halloween Plump Pumpkin Pack x 1 (up to three times per day)

Ÿ   200 Pumpkins = Halloween Prize Pumpkin Pack x 1 (once per day)

Halloween Pumpkin Candy Pack – Open this pack to randomly receive ONE of the following items:

Pumpkin Candy x 3

Tricky Halloween Pack x 1


Halloween Plump Pumpkin Pack – Open this pack to randomly receive ONE of the following items:

Ÿ   Pumpkin Candy x 3

Ÿ   Tricky Halloween Pack x 1

Ÿ   Earth Soul Orb (Bound) x 10

Ÿ   Health Orb x 2

Ÿ   Sperion Socketing Rod Shard (Bound) x 5

Ÿ   2x Drop Token (Bound) x 2

Ÿ   Rose x 3

Ÿ   Health Orb x 3


Halloween Prize Pumpkin Pack – Open this pack to randomly receive ONE of the following items:

Ÿ   Pumpkin Candy x 3

Ÿ   Tricky Halloween Pack x 1

Ÿ   Purified Crystal x 5

Ÿ   Soul Print x 2

Ÿ   Red Dragon Coin x 2

Ÿ   Black Dragon Coin x 1

Ÿ   Shining Gems Coupon x 1

Ÿ   Crimson Werewolf (Pet) x 1

Ÿ   Little Reaper (Pet) x 1



[Activity] Scarecrow Invasion

Duration: 10/25 - 11/7 11:59 PM (Server Time)

Server: All Servers


Description: Halloween is here! Scarecrows will be attacking Starglade to bring fright and horror to the helpless inhabitants of the city. Who will dare to stand up to these fiends? 5 Scarecrows will spawn every day on the hours of 19:00, 20:00 and 21:00 throughout Starglade (L3 – L5). If you do not wish to participate in this activity, please avoid Starglade instances three, four and five.

The Scarecrow will drop the following:


Guaranteed Drops

Ÿ   Pumpkin Candy x 15 (In the form of 5 stacks, each stack containing Pumpkin Candy x 3) Mmmm....candy

Ÿ   Crystal Essence Vial (Full) x1


Chance of Drop

Ÿ   Purified Crystal x 3

Ÿ   Earth Soul Orb (Bound) x 10

Ÿ   Sperion Socketing Rod Shard (Bound) x 5

Ÿ   Soul Print x 1

Ÿ   Red Dragon Coin x 1


[Activity] Blazin' Pumpkins

Duration: 10/25 - 11/7 11:59 PM (Server Time)

Server: All Servers


Description: To celebrate Halloween, 5 Jack-o’-lanterns will appear throughout all instances of Starglade every 30 minutes between 12:00 and 18:00. So swing by downtown and bask in the glow of experience! Each Jack-o'-latern may hold up to five players.


[Activity] Warrior's Call

Duration: 10/25 - 10/31 11:59 PM (Server Time)

Server: All Servers


Description: This week is a special one for our PvP players! All players participating in Sengolia, the Tamalan Arena and the new Avernal Realm will receive a special Warrior’s Pack. Packs are sent once you are in the battleground for at least 10 minutes. Open this pack and receive the following items:


Warrior’s Pack

Ÿ   Bronze Honor Badge x 10

Ÿ   Silver Honor Badge x 2

Ÿ   Golden Fruit of Honor x 2

Ÿ   Combat Healing Flask x 10

Ÿ   Super Elixir of Vitality x 1

Ÿ   Super Elixir of Thorns x 1

Note: Players will receive this pack each time they enter any of the above listed battlegrounds.


[Activity] Photo of the Week - Halloween Edition

Duration: 10/25 - 11/8

Server: All Servers


For the next two weeks, post your submissions for the Crystal Saga Photo of the Week here in this thread. The usual rules apply, but with one more caveat: the picture must be Halloween themed! The Halloween events will be lasting two weeks, so we will have one winner each week during this special activity, one on Nov 1st and one on November 8th. Also, in addition to the regular Starglade Photographer pack, the winner will get to choose one Halloween costume, pet, or mount as a prize. I can't wait to see all the great pictures you guys will be taking! Good luck!



1) All pictures must be posted to THIS thread. Any images posted to other threads or emailed to me will NOT be counted.

2) Pictures must be uploaded directly into the post or uploaded to Tinypic and then copy/pasted into the post (use the link for "forums and message boards"). I will NOT go chasing your pictures down through links or downloads. If I can't actually see it in the body of the post, it won't be considered.

3) You don't have to include any descriptions or commentary on the photo, but you are welcome to.

4) Be sure to include your name and server in your entry post. Only the photographer who uploads the image will receive the prize no matter how many people are in the photo.

5) Please be kind in your reply comments. Any comments deemed unacceptable or off-topic will be removed.


Reward: Winners will receive the Starglade Photographer Pack which contains:

Black Dragon Coin x 4

Gold Honor Badge x 1

3x EXP Token x 3

500 Honor x 1

New Title: Starglade Photographer

1 Halloween costume, pet, or mount (winner's choice)


Winning Photos will also be featured on our Facebook page for all to see!


[Promotion] Halloween Costumes!

Duration: 10/25 - 11/7 11:59 PM (Server Time)

Server: All Servers


Description: It's Halloween! And we have not one... not two... but three! Three costumes for players to choose from, ha ha ha. These amazing items may be purchased in the Item Shop at a low price of 399 Crystal for the top and 599 Crystal for the outfit. Interested in purchasing both? Save 100 Crystal and buy the Costume Pack, holding both pieces, for just 799 Crystal!


Pumpkin Costume

Our first costume was picked from the pumpkin patch. Dress up as everyone's favorite holiday gourd, plucked from its family...its head sawed open, and guts scooped out in a putrid mess of wet sickly innards. Then finally its face, carved into a mortifying rictus, with a light placed inside so everyone can see the terrifying butchery put on display. The horror....the horror. Anyway, it's a really cute costume.

Thanks to Latharia for this costume design.


Blood Vampire Costume


The creation process of the Blood Vampire is one of such unspeakable horror and terror, that anyone who would look upon their eyes would see the true monstrous event reflected within. As such the Blood Vampire is forced to cover and hide its eyes, lest its prey discover its true nature. The downside of this is when they stand very still, laying in wait for its next victim, it is sometimes confused with a weeping angel. This really annoys them, and the best way to escape is to bring this up, and then run away during the hour long rant about always being mistaken for one.

Thanks to Irisu for this costume design.


Devil Costume


Wanting a hot costume, but not looking to sell your soul for it? Then do we have just the thing for you. No need to sign your name in blood either! Just dress up in this hellishly charming outfit and you'll be ready to plump down into the very bowels of the earth. This outfit is also useful if you're suddenly finding the need to be a butler.


[Promotion] Halloween Pets!

Duration: 10/25 - 11/7 11:59 PM (Server Time)

Server: All Servers


Description: Available in the Item Shop for just 499 Crystal a piece, get your hands on one of these special Halloween pets! Please note that both pets are Offensive.


Little Reaper

Floating around you as silent as death itself, the Little Reaper seeks to claim the souls of those who have fallen in battle before you. In exchange, the Little Reaper is not above providing some... assistance in helping those who fight against you to meet their eternal reward.


Crimson Werewolf


Despite their fur being stained with the blood of those fallen before him, the Crimson Werewolf is quite the scholar. They like going to the local wine tasting, going to book clubs to discuss why Fifty Shades of Grey is the worst thing to happen to modern literature, and the occasional slaughter of a pair of college age students hitchhiking across an English moor by themselves in the moonlight.


[Promotion] Haunted Halloween Broom Mount!

Duration: 10/25 - 11/7 11:59 PM (Server Time)

Server: All Servers



Description: Are you a witch running a delivery service? Having to move pails of water around and need an extra pair of hands? Planning on participating in your local wizard school's sport match? Or just need to sweep up the floor? Then why not try: The Haunted Halloween Broom. It flies, it will assist you battle by attacking your enemies, and it makes julienne fries. Okay, it doesn't make fries, but will fight with you in combat. Have your friends eat your dust with: The Haunted Halloween Broom. (Literally if you just got done sweeping.) Available in the Item Shop, this single-person combat mount can be yours for just 799 Crystal!



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