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[COT]Weekend Event – Marry me, Princess

October 26,2012 Fliter:Call of Thrones
[COT]Weekend Event – Marry me, Princess
Time Duration: 00:00 Oct.25 ~ 23:59 Oct.28 (PST)


Dear COT brave, aren’t you feeling a bit lonely by fighting alone after conquering the Jadeite Dragon? There is supposed to be a beauty accompanying by the side of hero in the traditional fairy tale, and that’s the time we introduce a mysterious Lady to COT game! Let’s give it up to the present of a Lady who not only has a good look, but also owns superb fighting powers----the new pet Princess Beloved! As a female in game, she owns such a strong power that you can never overlook!
If you can rank the Princess into 20 someday in the future, contact Yeepgame-GM right away. You will be only charged Evolution Stone*1200 to receive a Rank 1 Netherworld Drake. How fascinating! Never have to worry that this girl become valueless in some day.


Event-1 Princess First Kiss
During the event time, all players could receive a gift pack as long as logging into the game!
Gift pack contains:
You can only claim one logging in bonus per day, aka you will receive at most 3 packs during the event time.

Event-2 Online Rewards
During the event time, keeping online 3 hours continuously will earn you a gift pack:
1.Online package will be sent automatically by system. If it does not show up, it means you are not reaching the requirements to receive it. Yeepgame will not resend the package. Thanks for your understanding.
2.Entering cross server will lead to the result of being not able to obtain the daily package. Even that you leave the cross server and keep online for 3 hours afterward, you will not get the package either. Please make sure you have received the package yet before going to the cross server.

Event-3 Princess Grinding
During the event time, dropping rate of Token in Cross-server instance will be increased to 400%.
The exp you gained in normal servers during the event time will be 4 times than usual
Cross-Server: 400% token drop
Normal Server: x4 EXP

Event-4 Fall in love with Princess
After you use 5 Goddess_Tears at Wishing Well, you will get 3extra ones for free.
After you use 5 Legendary_Upgrade_Kit , you will get 3 extra ones for free.
After you use 3 Goddess_Tears at Wishing Well, you will get 1 extra ones for free.
After you use 3 Legendary_Upgrade_Kit , you will get 1 extra ones for free.
After you use 2 Goddess_Tears at Wishing Well, you will get 1 extra ones for free.
After you use 2 Legendary_Upgrade_Kit , you will get 1 extra ones for free.

Event-5 Make a Proposal
During the event time, each dollar of your charge will earn:
Rewards will be sent after 00:00 the next day automatically by system.

Event-6 Wedding Ceremony
During the event time, if any cumulative top up within this time period reaches the amount below, some big gift packs will be available!

1. Top up amount shall be calculated only during the event time, any charge made before the event will not be counted.
2. Rewards will be given away after 00:00, Oct.29 (PST) when the event ends. Due to the huge number of players we have to deliver the reward, there might be slight delays happening sometimes, but we will make sure everyone receives it.

Event-7 Wedding Discount
During the event time, all items in shop will be #$%&*! (Goddess tears not included)
Oct.26 85% off
Oct.27 85% off
Oct.28 85% off

Event-8 Gives back for Old Players
During the event time:

1. If you have a Draconian Champion of any rank in your bag, please write to us asap. As for any extra $100 loading during the three days of weekend event, you will receive the “Prinecess Beloved” sent manually by COT-GM after the event ends. You may do the rank transfer all by yourself after receiving it.

Princess Beloved= Draconian Champion + $100 (Three days accumulated)


2. If your loading has been cumulated to a figure displayed below from the beginning of your COT journey to the end of this weekend event, you will receive the bonus showed accordingly ALL FREE.

$1000 = Gemstone_of_Babel_1*2
$2000 = Gemstone_of_Babel_1*2  Gemstone_of_Babel_2*1
$3000 = Gemstone_of_Babel_2*2  Gemstone_of_Babel_3*1
$4000 = Gemstone_of_Babel_3*2  Gemstone_of_Babel_4*1
$5000 = Gemstone_of_Babel_3*2  Gemstone_of_Babel_4*2
Above$5000 = Gemstone_of_Babel_5*3


All rewards will be sent after 00:00, Oct.29 (PST) when the event ends.

Yeepgame reserves all the final explanation rights for this event.


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2014 10-01 06:22:29 Reply Quote
2014 10-01 06:22:28 Reply Quote

its been almost 4 hours, and i have not recieved any of my gemstones of babel ...

I have yet to recieve mine as well.  Or princess beloved.



2012 10-29 15:53:53 Reply Quote

i want to complete all my equip relic.....but we dont have gold..... :/

2012 10-29 04:48:07 Reply Quote

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