Lost Gate

A brand new 3D browser game will take you to a world where you have never been. This game has the best graphics, unique combat system and coolest skills, pets and mounts.

Omens Online

Journey to the magical realm of Eastantine to experience a vast, new MMORPG with stunning graphics. Join forces to destroy evil. Grab power to become the Lord of your Server!

Excellent Moderator - Shanksta

As the most powerful player in his server of COT, he is also a Super Moderator in Forum and frequently answers doubts from other players. The cute little girl he hugs is the apple of his eyes. Yes, girls, He says he is not available lol. His name is Shanksta!!

Excellent Moderator - Heckle

The Philippine moderator of Call of Thrones for Server10 and Server11. Not only he keeps order in Philippine servers in game, but he also presents interesting events in forum for the Philippine players and receives good feedbacks. His name is Heckle!!

Excellent Moderator - Elayne

She is a great  woman in Mods group. She is sweet and very helpful in forum answering questions. Don't neglect the fact that she is also a quite powerful player in her server. Apart from that, she is the best Mom to her son. Everybody knows that her name is Elayne!!!

Excellent Moderator - JoanBell

The second female that joins the moderator team for Call of Thrones right after Elayne. As sweet and helpful as her girl teammate, she provides information whereever it is needed and players love her as much as they do to Elayen lol. Her name is JoanBell!!


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